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Ironwood Comprehensive Plan

Ironwood's Comprehensive Plan will guide the community for the next decade as it continues to respond to demographic shifts and build on recent successes. The Comprehensive Plan will establish a vision for what the community seeks to be in the future, and how this vision will be achieved. The current Ironwood Plan was adopted in 1982, and has become dated. A new plan and vision will be established, and it will reflect the goals of the community while addressing Ironwood's housing and infrastructure, streets and sidewalks, existing and future parks and trails, and the vitality of downtown. The plan will build off of previous efforts such as the Downtown Blueprint and the Park & Recreation Plan. The process of developing the updated plan is a community-wide effort, and includes numerous opportunities for community members to view information, brainstorm, provide insights, and leave comments in face-to-face meetings and electronic formats.

June 2014 Project Update

On July 2nd, The Planning Commision will consider approving the Comprehensive Plan.


In preparation for that meeting, the City has posted the draft plan online for public review. Click here to view the Ironwood Comprehensive Plan draft. Click here to submit feedback and comments.

The public comment period will be open through the July 2nd public hearing. We encourage you to submit comments at least a week prior to July 2nd, so we have time to summarize your feedback in advance of the hearing.

Upcoming Presentation Dates:

  • July 2nd - Planning Commission to consider approving the Final Plan
  • July 14th - City Commission to consider approving the Final Plan and the Parks and Recreation Plan